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SE Tax's Finance-As-A-Service, also known as “cloud accounting” is a new way for self employed people to outsource their bookkeeping needs. Our Financial Experts manage everything behind the scenes.

The Dashboard provides insight to understand how your business is running with visual and numeric reports.  We allow you to stay focused on operating your business while we take care of the finances.


Insightful Reports

SE Tax deliveries powerful and intuitive financial reports. High level visual graphs that allow you to quickly track and understand how your organization is performing overall.

While pivoting to detailed business transactions that have been updated by our team of experts. Now you have the knowledge, confidence and piece of mind to make important decisions. 

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Tax Advisor

SE Tax allows you to connect via chat with top Tax Experts that can advise on tax-related questions, incorporation advice, filing procedures, and much more...

It's critical to access a professional who can clarify important tax issues in a timely manner to assure you stay compliant and make the best financial decisions.

Annual Filings


SE Tax gives you the option to file your own taxes or utilize our dedicated team that have been managing and preparing your books all year long... to assure you will be ready!  

Our team can assist with state and federal tax filings, extensions and handle IRS disputes on your behalf. 

​Let's get started today!

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