Finally! The perfect bookkeeping solutions for Self Employed individuals!

Self Employed Tax makes bookkeeping and tax filings a breeze with easy to use tools for managing finances via Finance-As-A-Service (FaaS). Now you can to stay focused on what you do best. Business!

Eliminate tax season stress with web tools that keep your transactions up-to-date

Self Employed Tax helps you manage your bookkeeping with a combination of web applications and a team of financial experts behind the scene ready to help you every step of the way.

  • Eliminate tax season stress

  • Your bookkeeping is DONE FOR YOU on a weekly basis - know where your business is

  • No more spending hours every month or days during tax time wading through receipts and bank statements 

  • Live Chat directly with your team whenever and wherever it's convenient for you

  • Team members can help you with both bookkeeping and tax questions* 

  • No software to download

  • Easy to learn

  • 90 day, 100% money back guaranteed for any reason

"As a realtor always on the move, SE.Tax made tracking expenses super simple."

"The easiest tax filing season ever - thank you SE.Tax.

"It's nice to have a team of experts behind you when annual filings are due."

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Bill Kelly

Keller Williams Realty

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Health Canning

One Organized Mom

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Scott Harlander

Wells Fargo Advisors


First, link your banks with us

No worries, you never share your bank logins directly with us. Everything is safe and secure and all we can do is pull transaction info from your accounts.

Next, review your transactions

We will do the "heavy lifting" by categorizing most of your transactions based on our experience with other self employed people in your industry, however you will need to check how we categorized items to make sure it reflects your business.


We also may need more info or details on certain transactions so that we report them properly for you.

We make these easy to spot and easy for you to categorize on your own, or simply open the chat and we are just a click away.      


Finally, check back in with us

With your bank and credit card accounts linked, we will pull and categorize your transactions every week and update your online bookkeeping. All you need to do is check back in with us, weekly, monthly, or quarterly, so you can help us categorize transactions and make sure transaction info is flowing properly.  

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Bookkeeping service provides a dedicated staff keeping your books up to date while giving you insight of your monthly activities.

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Tax Advisor

Tax Advisor service offers you access to licensed tax professionals who are available via chat or telephone to help answer your questions.

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Tax Filings

Tax Filing service completes our suite of services with  financial experts preparing and filing all annual report filings on your behalf.